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A collection of 10,000 unique NFTs.

Exclusive NFT RPG game.


        Mad Ape Tournament NFTs are collectible digital art pieces that also function as fun, Non Fungible Tokens for you to collect. These NFTs were created as art pieces intended for people to enjoy by collecting (not as a financial instrument).


        Our Collection comes with unique utilities that are fun additions to owning the Art Collectible.

        Main utility is that a Mad Ape Tournament NFT grants the holder an exclusive access to a competitive RPG game where a limited number of players enter with the goal to dethrone the Mad Ape King and to become the new king. 


        Only holders of the Mad Ape Tournament NFTs will be eligible to enter. 


        The  collection consists of 10,000 unique mad ape NFTs inspired by games, anime, meme,  pop culture and obviously the other top monkey-based collections.


         Each Mad Ape is unique and most are generated procedurally based on hundreds traits. Some have rare traits and few are 1/1 editions.


          A Mad Ape NFT costs 0.077ETH



     The tournament will be  a PvE ladder  where players climb up by beating a NPC boss at each step. Final boss is the Mad Ape King. First person to beat the Mad Ape king will be the winner of the tournament and will become the new Mad Ape King. 

      We need the collection to be fully sold out in order to afford the game development and have the prize funds to hold the tournament.


     The tournament will be held in stages. First alpha, then beta, then v.1.0. Prize pool chest will be progressively higher. Meaning alpha will likely start at 10ETH. More for beta and rest for the v.1.0. This makes sense as nothing is perfect right away, and we'll have to iron out bugs, fix glitches and balance the gameplay.


      Should the collection sell out, the total tournament's prize pool across alpha, beta and v.1.0. releases is planned to be 100ETH.


     Each Mad Ape will have a set of properties such as health, mana, vitality, strength, dexterity, intelligence as well as specific attacks, defences and magic spells. These properties will be based on visual traits. Rare and 1/1 ones will have more favourable properties. 

      Some  NPCs will have a % chance of dropping loot. Loot might be anything from potions to restore your mad ape stats during the battle to weapons, shields, magic spells!

    Even if somebody obviously is behind in the ladder, they still can loot for potions and exchange them, as players up in the ladder will need them. 

      For the game dev and tournament to happen we need to sell out the whole collection. Otherwise there's not enought budget neither for game development, nor for the tournament!

      More details are available in the whitepaper.


      Join our discord to  participate in game mechanics discussions.



  • iOS AR app is created to ​bring the Mad Ape to life in 3D.


  • A Mad Ape Merchandise Store appears. With 10 t-shirts  mailed for free to most active community members.


  • 10 Mad Ape Merch loot boxes containing a hoodie, a t-shirt, a mug, a picture book (and perhaps even more) be mailed to active community members.


  • A manga one shot will begin development. 

  • HODL incentives package​. Every original Mad Ape owner that won't sell it will get free mint of 2 mystery items. More on Discord.


  • Enough Mad Apes are minted in order for the tournament development to kick off! ​

  • 100ETH prize pool

  • Starting the work on extending the Mad Ape universe


Q4 2021


Game Dev

Finalising game design and coding, coding, lots of coding...

Q1 2022


Tournment Begins...

Each Mad Ape Tournament NFT holder is eligible to enter.

Q2 2022


Crowning The New Mad Ape King!

And distributing the 100ETH prize treasure chest.


What is the public mint date?

Nov 6

Will there be a pre-sale?

Yes! Starting OCT 30.

What's the total number available to mint?

There will only ever be 10,000 Mad Ape Tournament NFTs

How much does it cost?

0.077 ETH + gas

When is the reveal date?

After the public mint.

How do I find out more? Where is the full version of FAQ?

Join our Discord server https://discord.gg/madape and read the #faq channel



Appreciates a good quality anime. Latest favourite is Shingeki no Kyojin. Is a programmer and game designer with games that count tens of millions of gameplays. 



An avid gamer and artist. Latest favourite game is Cyberpunk 2077. Enjoys drawing all kinds of stuff, especially concept art. Has tons of experience with thousands of finished works.